Rolling Acres Pet Cremation Services has been in business since October 1973. We offer cemetery, crematorium and mortuary services to pets, and virtually every service that is commonly provided for humans. Rolling Acres Pet Cremation Services is the first such facility in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, and as complete as any in the United States.

Since the after-death care for pets is our only business, we are sensitive to the needs of the families we serve. Our service is designed to professionalize the after-death care of pets, while providing warmth, caring, and understanding.

Most families appreciate being offered a choice of after-death care methods. We offer an alternative for the families. People gain peace of mind from knowing a pet cemetery handled their pet. We are cemeterians, Pet Loss Professionals, and animal lovers, so we can provide a sense of dignity for grieving families.


We have a large pond in the main part of our Cemetery. Our pond is a favorite layover for migrating Canada Geese and a watering hole for local deer, turkey and other neighborhood wildlife. We invite you to come and visit this peaceful setting anytime during daylight hours. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with the comfort and peace of mind of our pet families our first priority.