Our cemetery is run in a manner very similar to a human cemetery. Each pet is buried in its own private grave. Detailed records are kept in the office. We offer caskets, granite or bronze memorials, viewings, committal services and memorial services.

Our cemetery spaces are 3′ x 2′. A portion (20%) of each space price goes into our care trust fund. While we have caskets available, the Cemetery does not require one. It is up to the family whether or not they choose a casket. If a casket is not selected, we bury the pet in a natural fiber jute bag. The family may also wish to have a Viewing and a Committal Service. Preparation for viewing includes bathing the pet and brushing him/her out. Another burial option is to bury the cremated remains of your pet in our Rose Garden, which is an area only for pets who have been privately cremated and then buried. The Rose Garden Burial Package includes the space, interment and a 6″ x 6″ bronze marker. Our option for Horse Burial includes the spaces necessary for burial in our Equine Garden and the interment service.