2007 - 2024

Chevy. Chev. Chev-Chev. Sweet boy. Chevrolet. Handsome boy. House tiger. Big boy.
10 years was not enough time.
You were the best kitty.
You were my boy.
You and I have been through so much together and you were always there when I needed you.
You always reminded me it was time for bed and would make sure you got to be the little spoon.
When you wanted love, you were the biggest snuggle bug.
You loved to sunbathe.
You loved your Dad and your favorite thing to do was talk to him while he got ready for work.
You brought so much joy to our lives and we truly will never be the same.
My heart shattered into a million pieces saying goodbye to you.
We lost a piece of our family and we already miss you so much.
I hope heaven is full of treats, sunshine, and a fluffy blanket and pillow.
We love you sweet boy. Thank you for the last 10 years. 🤍🐾