July 1987 small heart Oct. 31, 2005

angel angel
Our Bo Kitty
Best Cat Ever

Rambo came to us at one year of age, having been kept in a kennel most of the first year of his life. He was rambunctious - which is actually where his name Rambo came from. At that time, I was still letting my cats go outside. He would go outside but when he came back in, he would RUN for the litter box. It took him awhile to learn the outside was one big litter box. In his later years, we only let him outside if someone went with him. Bo was the best cat. I don't know the words to tell what a great cat he was. He was a lap cat, a hunter, he would lie across our shoulders, and he was a comfort cat as well. Being a comfort cat is important when you live at a cemetery! Bo had the biggest best purr in the world, and he could SMILE really big. I miss him very much.

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