A nice epitaph can go here

This is where a biography for the pet can be placed, along with any funny story or memories from the pet's family. We can also include an epitaph somewhere on the page. The page could be stay on the site for a specific amount of time (perhaps a year?) with the option of the pet's family being notified before that time is up so they could renew it if they like. Each pet could also be listed on a main Memorial webpage with an index of all the pets.

Names of family members could also be listed, as well as the home city and state for the pet, since memorial webpages wouldn't be limited to people in the Kansas City area, but could be used by anyone anywhere, and ordered online, using a simple form.

For now, standard templates could be offered, which would be simplify selection, and make the webpages easy to set up. In the future (as time allows) I could create a form which could allow people to create cusomized pages, and even add more features for a small extra fee (such as music, more photographs, or more elaborate graphics).

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